Simple Hairstyles for Christmas 2013

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Simple Hairstyles for Christmas 2013 – Moment Christmas party looked too bad to pass up. For those of you who want to look with simple style but still look attractive should never underestimate hairdressing. Especially for a special occasion sort of Christmas party and New Year. Make the following two hairdos become your inspiration.

Semi Formal Hairstyles
For family events on Christmas Eve, formal hairstyle show simple. Blow hair then roll or simply clamped edges and lift to the top. Let stand about 15 minutes. Open the curler and hair sasak top. Take the left side towards the back of the hair and clamp from top to bottom. Pull hair to the right side of the back to cover the hair that flops or create a given style twist, then pull upwards. Reinforced with flops. The rest of the hair at the top end of the grouped dots shaped like fibrous niches. Hair spray fabric more durable. The front of the hair or bangs, let alone natural and pretty trim.

Classic 70 ‘s Hairstyles

Hair makeup that will in the next year leading up to order unfinished look . However, the long hair look with classic style will still be favorites. Classic hairstyle like this is very suitable to attend the event at noon. Blow hair, then roll the hair to get curly or wavy effect large. Let stand about 15 minutes. Open the curler, random hair by hand to get a natural random appearance. Give hair shine so hair looks healthier and more lustrous. Take some hair to one side and let loose on one shoulder. This classic style curly hair style reminiscent of the 70s era.

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