How To Look Beautiful at Christmas With a Quick Makeup

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How To Look Beautiful at Christmas With a Quick Makeup – No need to bother thinking about makeup and hair to welcome the Christmas day. Follow the following trick and you will look gorgeous in a short period of time ranging from face to hair.


To get a hairstyle that is simple yet elegant look, comb your hair until smooth and form a ponytail. Then a thin belt with a strong rubber band, making sure it will not be released. Then, your hair bun and then flops into, forms such as bread, give little or flops floral decoration sparkle. Spray a little hair spray to ” child ” small hair can be well ordered.

In order to look beautiful and radiant face, apply moisturizer beforehand if your skin is dry, then do not forget to wear sunblock if Christmas event held outdoors. Fix structures fondation and repair skin with spots with concelear. Use powder manner pat it flat on the face. Then wear blush on the cheeks and chin, a thin layer only. Choose a natural blush color like pink or coral.

Outline your lips with a lip pencil, lipstick and select colors that are trends such as beige pink that will make your lips look more fresh. You can also wear a bright red lisptick when Christmas event was held at night.

Apply mascara, but before making sure lashes are already clipped perfectly to your lashes look more slender. To give the impression of ‘ smoky eyes ‘, then select the white eye liner on the frame outline gently under your eyes. Lastly, for the eye shadow, mix two colors, pink and white or blue – violet and white. Use white as the outward appearance of the final or finishing.

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