Entering the Rainy Season Fashion Tips With Cheerful Colors

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Entering the Rainy Season Fashion Tips With Cheerful Colors – Entering the rainy season, there must be some change habits. Among these is the habit of dressing. Who had dared clothing suede shoes, now prefer leather or rubber. The rainy season can also make you less enthusiasm. Mood so come down and face semuram cloudy sky. When this happens, try deh to do some fashion tips below.

Using Colorful Clothes

Try to use a more colorful clothes when it rains. For example, the combination of yellow and orange, red or blue. Clothes that have bright colors can make you more spirit and emit a brighter glow on your face.

Remove the collection of Shawls and Scarves

In the summer, you may choose to keep the fashion items that cover the body. But this time, try to experiment with some scarves and scarf collection that you have. For example, the color of dark clothing with a scarf that lights or otherwise. In addition to warm, also can make you more fashionable.

Waterproof Shoes

Perhaps it is time saving sneakers or suede shoes you have. Now, try using shoes with leather or rubber which is comfortable. You also can use low heels shoes, boots or ankle boots.

Shoes like these can keep you dry and appear stylish. Besides this type of shoe is more survive in the rainy season. Do not demonstrative drying your shoes regularly to reduce the moist scent. It would be better if you prepare a 2-3 shoes during the rainy season.

Dan Blazer Coat

Have a blazer or coat during the rainy season. In addition to making you more warm, also can make you look more presentable. If you want to look more authoritative, you can use a blazer or coat with a firm shoulder line. If you want a more casual style, oversized sweaters and cardigans or plain cardigan batwing could be an option.

Done. Now you can look amazing and more energized throughout the rainy season.

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